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January 2015

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Austin Home SellersThere is a lot of work and preparation that goes into selling a home in Austin. For example, you must conduct thorough market research to understand prices and demand. You have to develop and execute a marketing strategy that gets you the most exposure to the best-suited buyers. And of course, there's the pricing strategy; which has to be custom-tailored to your neighborhood, so that you get the most competing bids.

However, one part that is commonly overlooked is how to prepare your home for the open house viewings. This is such a vital part of the process, yet one that is routinely ignored by sellers; leading to unnecessarily low bids and prolonged listing times.

Basic Cleaning

When preparing your home for sale in Austin, it's a wonderful idea

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Trying to find the best suited homes for sale in Austin can be a difficult experience for a home buyer. It's a very involved process that has many variables and can potentially become quite stressful. This is especially true for families with kindergarten or school age children. Sure, you know how many bedrooms you need, and you probably have an idea about how big you'd like the back yard to be, but those are the basics. You need to take the extra step of finding the best neighborhood for your family, if you want a truly successful home purchase.

Unfortunately, some parents don't focus enough on understanding the neighborhood when buying a home. Many do take the extra step of ensuring proximity to a good school, but in this day and age this should be

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Purchasing a home is a major life decision for any family or individual. And it's not uncommon for the process to be fraught with many emotional decisions and worries. And why shouldn't it be? After all, purchasing a home isn't like buying a pair of sneakers…You can't just return it if you don't like it; and even if you did decide to sell a few months later, you've already incurred non-refundable expenses, like loan and escrow costs. Therefore, it's very common for buyers to become anxious about their decision, because the wrong choice can be difficult and frustrating to fix.

At Austin Referral Realty, we've worked with thousands of buyers over the years, and have developed a systematic approach to help buyers make the right decision they won't regret

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