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MLS Listing Remarks

When your hire a real estate agent to sell your Austin home, part of his/her job is to write a compelling story to market your property. Realtors use the Austin MLS "remarks" section to list features and benefits of the property they are selling. They use the write-ups to market the home to other Austin Realtors and the general public alike.

Good MLS Listing Remarks

Here is an example of a good property description in the Austin MLS. The Realtor provides good directions and describes all the property features within the "remarks" section. A potential buyer would have a good idea of what this home offers before looking at the pictures or spending time viewing the property in person.

Horrible MLS Listing Remarks

Now, for perhaps, the worst MLS listing remarks I have ever seen. Do you want to know where my listing is located? Screw you! Google it!

If you haven't figured out this home is in a "close in" location after Google Maps, all you have to do is read the remarks. I wonder if this Realtor mentioned during listing presentation that, "I will list your home on the MLS, half-ass. And I don't give directions!!!"

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